Net Worth

Another record-breaking month! I hit a $600k net worth with a month to spare before turning 30. It’s crazy to think that heading into 2018, my overarching goal was to hit a $500k net worth.

Heading into 2018 my I was sitting at $450k, so my goal seemed reasonable, after all, saving $50k in a year is no laughing matter. But I neglected one very important detail, compound interest is a wonderful thing. It is very reasonable, assuming the market continues to cooperate, that in 2018 I will have grown my net worth by over $200k.

Am I proud of that accomplishment? Absolutely. But I don’t mean to gloat, this is a very real accomplishment for many people. If you work to increase your earnings, control your spending, and get your money working for you, soon, your money will outwork you!

August Net Worth


This month we spent $5,110, which is a little over average. But about $750 was for a trip for work that is reimbursable and about $800 is for our semi-annual auto-insurance charge. This is proof that things always tend to come up, so it’s important to make sure that you always have a little wiggle room in your budget.

August Budget