April was a tough month. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam wanted his money, and he hit us where it hurt. Without further adieu, here is the April Report.

Net Worth

As you can see, our net worth actually went down this month due to a combination of a high tax bill and some poor market returns… which is the downside of having quite a bit of money in the market. As you have more money in the market, even daily fluctuations can make noticeable impacts on your net worth, and this month it was a negative impact.

April Net Worth


Did I say I hate the IRS? The bad part of making a good income is Uncle Sam wants his chunk. I don’t want to complain too much, because I am grateful to live in such a great country, and I know that taxes help to create those things. But still, owing $6,700 in taxes is not fun at all! Our total budget for April was $10,200, I look forward to getting that down in future months.

April Budget