I write this post just before a relatively new, consumer holiday, our beloved Black Friday. Soon we are going to be amused to see human nature at it’s worst, all those videos that are so bad that we can’t look away: brawls, hoarding, stampedes, and all the excess that is the American Dream.

Despite those negative aspects, I love Black Friday. I love being able to get things I “need” at crazy discounts.

What I don’t love about Black Friday is people with little to no money, scouring the internet for all of the “can’t miss deals” and then buying things they don’t need, instead of building an emergency fund or investing for the future. Black Friday makes it oh so easy to fuel your desire for immediate gratification.

Just because something is a great deal, it doesn’t mean you need it. If you intend to participate in the goodness that is Black Friday, make sure to consider these simple questions:

  1. Can you afford what you’re looking to buy? If the purchase will result in more debt, it would probably be best to hold off.
  2. Is buying something going to cause you to miss any financial goals?
  3. Ask yourself, are you buying something just to buy something, or do you actually need what you’re buying?

Mr. Fi Guy isn’t trying to be the Black Friday version of the Grinch, but rather just to add some perspective that just because there are deals, it doesn’t mean you have to buy anything you don’t need.

If something is normally $500, but you got it on sale for $300, you didn’t save $200 if you weren’t going to buy that thing anyway, you spent $300!

With that being said, I hope you find some great deals and spend your hard earned money on things that will enhance your life, I know I intend to.


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