There have been a lot of political shenanigans going on lately. The funny thing about that statement is, it probably doesn’t matter when you read that sentence, it will probably always be true. But the specific event I’m referring to is the Kavanaugh hearing, it is an absolute circus. People are glued to the TV and everyone has an opinion, which is conflicting to so many others.

I’m going to own up to something that might be embarrassing, some might even be upset with me, but it’s true, so who cares. I didn’t even recognize the name Kavanaugh or know the trial was going on until the day of the trial when a co-worker mentioned it. I knew that there was a search for a new Supreme Court Justice, but that was about as much as I knew.

This is not “normal” for me. The past few years I was consistently listening to 2-4 different political podcasts with different political leanings so I could get multiple perspectives on what was going on in politics all in an effort to be informed and do my civic duty. After months and months of this, I realized that I was making myself unhappy. There were ALWAYS things going on that I didn’t agree with, which I couldn’t control. There were always horrible disasters occurring all throughout the globe, which again, I couldn’t impact.

So I made a decision, I stopped.

I stopped listening to all of my political podcasts, and I really made no effort to stay informed on all the current issues, I’ve also found myself spending less time on Facebook, which was my other primary source of political “information.”

And guess what, my life got better! I wasn’t always burdened by all of these things out of my control. The only bad thing was… oh wait, there were zero negative repercussions… that I can come up with.

The next time I need to vote, I’ll re-engage and spend the minimum amount of time researching to form my opinions, I’ll vote, and then I’ll stop once again. You don’t have to be constantly informed on every issue to be a good citizen.

It’s not just politics

There are many more things outside of your circle of control than just politics. One of the most common examples are the people in your life. Some of these people you can cut out, while that’s not possible with others.

Without getting into specifics, I have had issues with people in my life. I’ve learned that I can’t get them to change, but I can control how I react to their decisions. So rather than get bent out of shape when they do something I perceive as idiotic/mean/rude/illogical (haha I think you get the point), I get over it and move on, because more often than not, their actions don’t impact me at all.

Focus on your Circle of Control


I love the idea of focusing on your Circle of Control, rather than the all-too-tempting Circle of Concern.

By doing this, you will be taking action, rather than simply reacting. You will put yourself in a position of power, rather than one of weakness. Focusing on your Circle of Control means you’re focusing on you, your future, and your happiness.

By doing this, I have made some huge personal strides in the past year. What have you done to focus on your Circle of Control, rather than your Circle of Concern?

2 thoughts on “Focus on your Circle of Control- nothing else matters

    1. Thank you! It’s a good reminder for most people, even if you don’t cut things off cold turkey, like I have in many ways, there are still ways to unplug a bit more to make yourself happier.


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